The City of Kothos
Kothian Triad

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In a world of empires and city-states, ruled by Emperors and Kings, there is one city, Kothos, that breaks the mold. For as far back as time records, there was never a king in Kothos. The women of Kothos ruled their city, developing their skills in political, military and magical arts. The culture and achievements of these women commanded the respect of neighboring kingdoms and even the far distant Hcratian Empire. The ruling body of Kothos is the Inner Council. It is comprised of the Queen, Bella To and Batuma Kan and Sal Li of the Blue and Green Temples, respectively. These women are tasked with keeping the city safe from harm and growing in respect and power.

But the Inner Council is at odds. As the Royal family's ambitions are in opposition to those of powerful subjects, and her councilors on Queen's Inner Council? What happens when the financial and political leadership of the Blue and Green Temples are at odds with those of the Royal House? It means that everyone makes their own plans and some play them out better than others.

The Royal Princess, Tuppa To, in a desperate play of magic, makes a move that casts everything into turmoil instead of helping, and what was done for her love of her sister, the Queen, fuels a war.

Can our hero Creston make a difference? Can he save the day? Nope. Not even interested. He thought he could jump in, make a few bucks and move on. But even that gets screwed up.

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