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Kothian Triad

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Glossary I

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Academy of Military Arts (AMA)

The AMA is the organization where all Warriors of Kothos are trained in the Military Arts.  It is hundreds of seasons old and graduates are known to have the skills equivalent to a junior officer in any military organization in the known world.  To graduate from the academy a graduate must demonstrate proficiency in at least three different weapons, tactical and strategic planning.  There are clandestine branch of the school that teaches espionage.  This sub branch uses connections with the thieves and assassins guilds of Kothos for additional training of some candidates who are chosen to be used as spys in foreign cities.  The qualifications for graduating from this sub branch are acceptance in both guilds and an oath to the Queen which supersedes the oath to either guild master along with general weapons, tactical and strategic aspects that a normal graduate would have to accomplish.


She is the most powerful goddess in the three goddesses who make up The Holy Triad.  She created all that there is and is the planner of all that will be.  She is the identity of the universe and one of the three elements that created the universe. (See NA and U)

Bagda Me Nem

The leader of a band of bandits that inhabit the eastern frontiers of Kothos.


The subset of the Green Kanti who have the responsibility to study farming and agriculture.


A Huntress/Warrior with the proxy of at least 50 other huntresses or warriors to speak for them in Council Meetings.  There are about 7500 Huntresses and 4500 Warriors in the Green Clan.  That made for at least 240 seats on the council but as some people have more proxies than the minimum there are only 180 at present.  A Council Member has 1 vote for each proxy, and is not required to vote them as a single block on any subject.  The Green Council is commonly known as the Temple of the People because any woman can become a Batar on the Council by simply working up through the ranks of the Clan and building on the loyalty of her peers.  The Lady of the Green is the Head of the Council and officiates at all meetings.


The accumulated histories of The Royal House(see Scroll of Batfi), and any important institution,  noble or merchant class.  Important is defined as having a Librarian assigned by the Royal House as opposed to simply paying a Liber to perform the function of librarian.  Batfi are also created for any relevant institution like the temples, guilds and schools. 

Batuma Kan,First Lady of the Blue

Head Priestess of Karpa and Mistress of the Blue, she is the recognized leader of the Blue Clan in all matters.  She represents the Blue Clan on the Inner Council of Kothos in all matters related to the city.  She is a Mistress of the Highest Order in all 7 disciplines of the Blue Temple.  She was elected to the post 15 seasons past and has successfully held it against all challengers.

Bella To, Queen

She is the leader of Kothos in all matters.  She sits at the head of the Inner Council and is the deciding voice in all matters after due council from the First Ladies of the Green and Blue Temples.

Berl the Sorcerer Supreme

When and where he was born is not known, but he was well traveled before he found himself in Kothos.  He is an accomplished magician with an apprentice who is also his grand daughter (see Marta).  He comes to Kothos with his own plans and hopes to use Kothos as a tool to achieve his goals.

Blue Clan

The membership of the Blue Temple as a congregation.  Leaders are the Mistress of the Blue, The Blue Priestess, Council of Priestesses.  Membership consists of the Leadership, Blue Priestesses and the Blue Kanti.

Blue Kanti

They are the accountants, researchers, administrators and record keepers of the Blue Klan and are also the non-magical aspect of the Klan.  They are in charge of any study in any subject that is relevant to the Blue but not need magic to be accomplished.  The KalThar and VanThar are small sub branches of the Blue Kanti and specialize in the affects of magic on the populace in general.

Blue Temple

The official residence of the Blue Clan.  It is where all official meetings, training and administrative issues are done that involve the Blue Clan.

Cleophi Tan

She is Second in Command of the Green Temple, Head Batar of the Academy of Martial Arts, Batar of the 3rd Calvary.

Council of Priestesses

A priestess who has the official proxy for at least 50 other priestesses that she represents at Council Meetings.  There are a little less than 1500 Priestesses in the Blue Klan, both domestic and in client city-states.  That made for at most 30 seats on the council but as some people have more seats than the minimum at present there were about 20 seats.  A Council Priestess’ council vote is counted as 1 vote for each proxy and there were several political sub-groups in the council.  These women were consulted on important matters of state and official spoke for the Blue Klan.  The Mistress of the Blue is the Head of the Council and officiates at all meetings.  There is also a Kanti member of the Council, the Kanti Blue, who represents the Kanti of the Klan at all Council meetings.


A man who happens to be part of the story.

Dal Thos, Emperor

Also known as The Dragon, ruled the Hcratian Empire for thirty seasons after spending ten carving it out of the world east of Kothos.  He created allies in Kothos, Sarden and Met. He destroyed the cities Kantar, Baken, Danthar, Banti and Cantos for defying him.  He spared the cities Batin, Bares, Topan, Dapat and Sitar for bending knee.  He created out of the ashes of what he destroyed the cities of Danda, Farka, Simpa, Tantan.  He ruled it all from his Topaz Throne in the Imperial City of Hcrat and sired children to rule in his name the cities he spared and created.  When he passed to the great unknown, he left he son Dal Thos II to rule his empire.  There is a temple in the center of the Empire’s capital where the body of The Dragon lays at rest.  At its apex is a ball that is supposed to represent the awareness of the first Emperor, watching over the empire he created, making sure that it stays strong and last forever.

Dal Thos II, Emperor

The heir to the Topaz Throne.  He was the eldest son on the Dragon (see Dal Thos, Emperor).  He has ruled for the past 12 seasons and by all accounts is a competent manager of the empire.  Not the warrior his father was he has spent his time creating flat stone roads across the empire.  It is said that he believes that good roads will last forever and leave the imprint of his legacy in the minds of his people.  But he is also a diplomat of extraordinary abilities.  Under his rule, Dapan, Takr, and Bassan have all been absorbed into the Hcratian Empire through marriages to two of the Emperor’s nieces and one of his nephew rather than wars.

Dragon, The

The common name for the first emperor of the Hcratian Empire, Dal Thos (see Dal Thos, Emperor).

Engnaro, Prince

The Prince of Sarden serving under his brother King Latemus.

Green Clan

The membership of the Green Temple as a congregation.  Leaders are Batars and Huntresses and the Green Kanti.  They also include women who study and perform all facets of animal husbandry and farming.

Green Kanti

They are the accountants, researchers, administrators and record keepers of the Green Klan.  They are in charge of any study in any subject that is relevant to the Green but not of a martial nature.

Green Temple

The official residence of the Green Clan.  It is where all official meetings, training and administrative issues are done that involve the Green Clan.

Hcrat Empire

Founded by Dal Thos, it encompasses the cities of Batin, Bares, Topan, Dapat, Sitar, Danda, Farka, Simpa, Tantan, Dapan, Takr, and Bassan.  The Empire had a population of 320,000 in the last census.  It has trade routes both east and west and controls all trade between the western peninsula and the main content.  It has a standing army of 20,000 to guard its land and 2000 military ships of various sizes patrolling its coasts.  Its main exports are wheat, corn, barley, dribs, iron, copper, incenses and cotton.  The Empire is currently ruled by Emperor Dal Thos II.

He Who Has No Name

This is the man who was created to help the goddess Aria create humanity. He was loved by Aria and adored by Karpa and Tara in his words and deeds.  But he pulled the concept of pride from the unknown and it affected him.  Eventually he also brought forth from the unknown the concepts of jealousy, envy, betrayal and by his actions imprinted them on the psyche of humanity forever.

Holy Triad, The

A common name for identifying all three of the Kothian goddesses, Aria, Karpa and Tara.


Any woman who has gone through the full training of at least twenty different arts of hunting and self-defense (at least 5 of each) through the Academy of Martial Arts.

Inner Council

Three women, the Mistress of the Blue, the Mistress of the Green and the Queen, serve on this governing body that decides all affairs of the city of Kothos.  The Queen is given counsel by the leaders of both the Blue and Green Temples and makes decisions based on that counsel and her own divine intuition.

Kal Thar

A subset of the Blue Kanti who have the responsibility to study magic as it affects populations.

Kanti Blue

The member of the Blue Kanti who sits on the Council of Priestesses.  She does not have a vote but she can speak at the council meetings representing the perspective of the Kanti.

Kanti Green

The member of the Green Kanti who sits on the Green Council.  She does not have a vote but she can speak at the council meetings representing the perspective of the Kanti.


She is the Goddess of the Blue Temple.  She provides the priestesses access to knowledge and powers that allow them to manipulate the forces of nature, flesh and mind.

Kartah Book of Religions

This is a book commissioned by Emperor Dal Thos I (see The Dragon) in order to document information related to religions that are practiced in the Hcrat Empire. Kartah is the name of the group of scholars who publish the document, and are also commanded to update the document as needed.


Member of the Assassin’s Guild


A spice grown only in Kothos.  It is used across the peninsula as a food enhancer.  There are even markets that go to Hcrat where the nobility there use it as an exotic accent to their food.

Katmay Taralon

The Librarian of the House of Tan.

Latemus, King

King of Sarden.


A person who is not part of the Sect of the Unknown but serves as a curator for a house which is not recognized by the Royal House, but feels they should record their family’s history regardless.  A Liber is usually a person (male or female) who has proven a talent for writing and is usually well read.  Any house that considered themselves successful paid for a Liber and usually justified it by pointing out that eventually the Royal House would recognize their house and they would be well prepared for the eventuality by having a Batfi  already properly prepared.


A member of the Sect of the Unknown who also serves as the curator of a House which keeps a version of the Batfi that is part of the official history of Kothos.


Granddaughter of Berl, Sorcerer Supreme

Master Librarian

A Librarian who has performed in the ceremony of the Royal Impregnation and is no longer a virgin.  He is a Master because he has knowledge from experience that Librarians who have not participated in the ceremony do not have.  Most  Librarians die virgins and are celibate all their lives.

Moon Cycles

There are twelve cycles of the moon to each season.  Each new moon is a signal to the Green Clan that they must proceed with the next step in the agricultural cycle of the city.  The cycles are as follows:
            First full moon: Planting of Saran
           Second full moon: Planting of Corn
           Third full moon: Planting of Cotton
           Forth full moon: Planting of Katan
           Fifth full moon:  Focus on tending to the birthing of livestock (cows,
          horses and goats mostly)
           Sixth full moon: Planting of Beans
           Seventh full moon: Planting of Wheat
           Eighth full moon: Start mating livestock
           Ninth full moon: Harvest crops
           Tenth full moon: Harvest Celebration
           Eleventh and Twelfth moons:  Move crops to markets and start preparing
           soil for the next year’s harvest
This is the essence represents the absence of anything before anything existed.  It is one of the three elements that created the universe (See Aria and U).


Kothos is a city of about 20,000.  Of that 20,000 there were 1500 Priestess, or women with magical abilities, in the City of Kothos and an equal amount dispersed  and working for the Blue in other cities conducting the business of the Kothos and the Blue Temple.  To become a priestess an initiate must be test proficient in at least five of the 4 major arcane arts (at least one of them must be Verbal or Motion Command): Transliteration, Emotion, Verbal Command, Motion Command, Compulsion and Alchemy.

Radman, King

King of Tar.

Red KanTi

They are the accountants, researchers, administrators and record keepers of the Royal House.  They are in charge of administrating the daily functions of the Royal House and the Imperial Grounds.  The also manage the economy of the the city and manage the taxing of merchants through the various guilds throughout the city.  There is also a research branch which does investigations at the request of the Queen.  The Royal Guard work with the Red Kanti to handles such investigations if a martial arm is necessary.  But they also handle such things as the effect of certain policies on the Kothian population, communication between the Royal House and the Green and Blue Temples and any other governmental function that the Queen finds necessary to have performed under her personal purview.

Sal Li, First Lady of the Green

Mistress and Batar of the Land, she is the recognized leader of the Green Clan in all maters.  She represents the Green Clan on the Inner Council of Kothos in all matters related to the city.  She is a graduate with the Highest Honors from the Academy of Martial Arts.  She took the post as leader of the Green Clan when her mother died as it is an inherited position.


A fibrous plant that is cultivated in Kothos, which, once processed correctly, can be used to make clothing.  It can be made incredibly thin making some very light clothing.  But its most sought after attribute is it’s affect with dyes.  Once it was dyed, it stayed that original color more than any other substance used for clothing available at the time.


A city south east of Kothos on the Eimma Sea (see map)

Scroll of Batfi

This is the Batfi of the Royal Household.  It is the accumulated history of any House that ruled Kothos.  If the Royal Family changes for some reason the new Queen’s House Batfi is absorbed into the Scroll of Batfi.)


A season in Kothos is equivalent the passing of to a 12 moons.  It starts when the sun is directly over their equator.  This is a sign that everything is in order for the birth of a new season. It is considered good luck for a child to be born on this day.  Kothians do not separate the year into several different seasons, but into 12 different moon cycles.  Each moon has a specific purpose in relation to the planting of the various crops that are produced by Kothian agriculture along with tending properly for their livestock. (See Moon Cycles for details).  A cycle in which all of the various crops have been planted and harvested is a full season and the cycle begins again.  Being in a tropical part of the planet they don’t experience the changing of the seasons.  It is usually warm and pleasant with occasional rainstorms.

Sect of the Unknown

A group of men who preserve their virginity for the purpose of impregnating the Queen in a magical ceremony that requires a male virgin in order to create a female Royal Heir.  They also serve as Librarians (see Librarian) for the official history of Kothos, the Batfi.

Source, The

That place where all magical energies used for Kothian magic is derived from.


City west of Kothos down the Tardo River. (see map)


She is the Goddess of the Green Temple.  She protects Karpa and provides the city with what it needs to survive.

Tardo River

It is a large river that runs through the center of the peninsula where the Kothian city is situated.  It runs from east to west starting in the Hcrat Empire ending at the City of Tar emptying into the Great Ocean in the west.

Tuppa To, Princess

She is the sister of Queen Bella To and next in line of succession to the Queen.


This is represents the absence of knowledge before anything was known.  It is one of the three elements that created the universe (See Aria, and Na).

Vagrant Voice

It is a vocal manifestation of the psyche of the Kothian people.  There is a side affect of using magic; a magical residue looking for a purpose that permeates the environment because of so much magical energy being used.  This is because all Kothian magic comes from accessing large amounts of energy from The Source and focusing a portion of it to your ends using psychic manipulation.  However, when accessing The Source, more than is needed sometimes escapes and is left floating in the ether.  Over time this has a habit of coalescing into a single force and takes hold of some idea or concept circulating amongst the populous.  It will then take that idea, create a verbal manifestation of it and take over a person’s body and deliver it in a public square.  This causes the energy to burn itself.  It usually happens when magic is being used in earnest by the Blue Temple and used as a measure of how the people feel about how they use the powers they’ve been given without condemning a single person for the idea.  It is assumed that if it gets to the level of the Vagrant Voice, it is an idea that is held by most of the population and should be paid close attention to.  In the past when this has been ignored or those who were possessed harmed, it did not fair well for Kothos.  As one past Lady of the Blue pointed out, “It’s never a good idea to ignore warnings that you’re doing something stupid.”

Van Thar

A subset of the Blue Kanti that has the responsibility to study magic as it affects the individual.


Any Huntress who has also a graduate of the schools of Offensive Weaponry, Strategy and Tactics.

Wen Ta

The Blue Priestess, she is second in command of the Blue Temple.  She sits at the head of the Council of Priestesses.
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