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Chapter Headings
Kothian woman studying

Sleep is unfair because I must close my eyes to your beauty and depend on the gossamer strands of my dreams to hold you in my arms and you are so much more than my dreams....
From Book of Batfi, Praise to Aria from He who has no Name

I would say a challenging mind is as important as a beautiful body. Although I believe I could enjoy a beautiful body whether the mind is challenging or not, this would be short lived but usually worth it.  I can also say that the pleasure received from a challenging mind is more lasting than that of a beautiful body but that has it's own drawbacks too.  Regardless, I would leave if either didn't improve some measure for any prolonged period of time.
Heard in a conversation in a Kodian Bar

I hate to think we are self destructive, but if this isn't so, why do we try so hard to find new and better ways to kill ourselves.  I can think of no other animal, created by Aria, which puts so much energy into creating new ways of killing it's own kind.
Footnote from Batfi, Katmay the Librarian

Car Nac, myth has it that he rose from the dead and impregnated the queen of Kothos with a male heir.  Reports of his death were made public as a means of answering questions about what had happened to him when he ignored his vows of celibacy and had a lover from the queen's court.  When this was discovered he was dismissed in disgrace and exiled from Kothos.  He returned two seasons later with prophecies of great danger for Kothos.  When his prophecies started to come true he was again accepted into the Sect of the Unknown and was part of the impregnation of the queen.  It is believed that he impregnated the queen with a male child which explained his leadership of the Civil War which nearly tore Kothos apart between the sexes.  Men of Kothos finally had a chance for a king.  If not for the death of the male child and the birth of a female heir, the history of Kothos would have been very different indeed.  There are still rumors of assassination in some versions of the Batfi.
The Study of the Batfi, Historical Analysis of the Car Nac Incident

The MIND is the aspect of ARIA.  It is self-contained and is the equivalent of everything in the universe.  As stated before, without the MIND (ARIA) nothing exists.  All things living or non-living have MIND.  For instance, a rock, a tree and a WOMAN all have MINDs and are the creation of ARIA; but each have a different perspective of MIND and what it means to have one.
From the Book of the Universe

How can I question the being God? I will question anything in my universe, as the flea would bite me for being in his universe, I would question God for being in mine.
A portion of the speech given by Berl when he was sentenced to death for blasphemy in Batin.
Batin Judicial Archives
Note:  Berl escaped before the sentence was carried out...

Worship of the gods allows you to compete against nature and chance by virtue of your god's protection.  It satisfies the need to forget that a large rock could fall from the sky and make you worthless in an instant, or an insect could choose your blood to sup and you waste from the poison it leaves in it's wake.  If you worship correctly, you have someone to blame and someone to explain.
Unknown Priestess of Karpa

Women carry the blessing and pains of the goddess.  She rewards us with the ability to feel her power run through us for prolonged periods of time, longer by far than a man going through the same passion.  The man will burst his seed inside you and be done with his communion with Aria.  But you, made in the image of Aria, under the right circumstances, can make that feeling come multiple times increasing the intensity and blessing us for participating in the process of procreation.  However, we are also burdened with the price of giving birth with our cycles of blood.  Thus we share Aria's blessing and pain.
From the Kothian rite of Womanhood

Is it my imagination or does man have a negative preoccupation with death.  I am under the impression death is an eventuality that all of us must endure.  Why should we not spend life enjoying life, not trying to stay off death.  It seems fruitless to put so much energy into something we have no real control over.
From Words of Cain the Philosopher

The universe is a constantly changing miasma of energy and vibrations that come together in the minds of life to create reality.
Description of Reality by He Who has no Name

Remember old fable about a man who changed gods because he wanted?  The god failed him in the end because all gods want you to need and worship them, not want something of them.  The moral of the story is that gods are just beings with different needs...
Anonymous Priest

One's dependency on a practice or being has a direct relation to one's obedience to the laws of that practice or being.
From the Journal of Marta

Don't conspire with spirits you don't know for they tend to be as jealous as gods.
From a speech from the High Priest of Karina after the invasion of Kothos
(Note:  He was killed soon after this speech)

The practice of your faith has degenerated into rhetorical despotism.  You mouth the words, demand tribute for them, but don't live by them, so they have become nothing but words that force acceptable behavior instead of the insight of the goddesses.  The rituals have become a necessity to remind you of the faces of whom you are trained to respect, trust and praise regardless of their worthiness, taking worship away from the goddesses themselves.  Power is concentrated into the hands of the untrustworthy because you have developed the habit of faith instead of studying the path of your faith.  You walk blindly to where you are led without question because you have been taught to love and obey without question.  The goddess doesn't require blind faith.  But who does?  The dwellers of the Blue Temples, to justify their wars in your name.  Is this the way of your goddesses or is this the way of the rich and powerful elite who have become bored with the motherland and instead seek power and use your blind faith and strong bodies to garner this bounty?
Speech by Vagrant Voice

A woman studying the stars with her daughter one night explained the many different descriptions of the little lights in the sky.  Some described them as little sisters of the sun, others describe them as the same as the sun, just at a greater distance, so smaller.  The little girl looked up at her mother and said that they were all wrong.  The stars were the eyes of Aria admiring her work.
Stories of Kothos

Man says that the power of a beautiful woman is unrelenting and hard to let go of once held.  It is a good thing for women that men are less aware that the power a beautiful man can be just as devastating.
Words from a Speech of Wen Ta

Two people met on a path not seldom traveled and spoke of their travels.  One day they eventually became gods.
Quote from the diatribe of Karina

They cannot destroy what they cannot hold.  Keep our gods in your mind and heart.  Remember them to your children and admonish them to pass it on to their own.  You know what these witches do by destroying our temples.  They are bringing in false gods.  Women gods!  They want to change the-
The start of a speech by a Karinian priest before he was impaled for blasphemy to the Kothian Pantheon.
He was suddenly cut off before he could finish by a Kothian witch.

Not all spirits have malicious intent.
From the speech given to all ne-Priestess upon graduation

Drib: A flying lizard.  Pet in many circles of the Hcrat Empire. Originated in the Land of Nov (See Enchanted Lands) Used as trade by the Land of Nov until it was discovered that the Dribs multiplied very quickly on their own and soon lost any real value.  Also used as messenger carriers.
Extracted from the Books of Learning

A sorcerer's journal contains all of their experiences, spells, mistakes and life.  Most go through great lengths to hide them for if someone were to actually find it, for that which it contains could kill, make supreme or a fool of both the thief and the luckless victim of theft.
Sorcerer's Apprentice Manual

If the gods are offended by my beard, then they should say so instead of sending these cowardly priests.  Am I not important enough for the gods to speak too?  If not then damn them to their own hells.
Last words of a condemned prisoner in TAR

The moon has powerful magic.  It causes people to act differently than the norm.  A sorcerer who knows how to use this power can control a city with the right manipulations.  An example of this power was when I became the head spiritual/magical adviser of the city of Brota on the western continent who the King was entirely subjective too so I was in effect the leader of the city.  Granted I lost the position soon after, but that has nothing to do with the use of the moon to gain the position in the first place.
From the Journal of Berl the Sorcerer Supreme

There has been a fish discovered with a head shaped like a horse where the male gives birth to the offspring of its species.  Given that the Book of the Universe is based on the premise that the female is the giver of life to this world, how does this fit into the scheme of things?
Words of the heretic 'Amos'

Always consider the messenger!
Dal Thos I

There is a curse on the magic of Kothos which cannot detect a Kothian male consecrated in the Unknown Sect, which is the fleshly aspect of the Unknown Man, nor any male in the presence or company of a member of the Unknown Sect.
From the Magic of Kothos, Chapter 452. Volume I, pg. 4008, Footnote 3

I will tell you what you have forgotten.  With my eyes I see what Aria sees and with my heart I feel her pain and you have forgotten how to see and feel for the goddess.  You forget that you serve as the senses of the gods yet you pretend not to see or feel the injustice that your senses present.  Blinded by your lust for power and acclaim you blaspheme the birthright of Aria.  She no longer uses you as holy vessel to transmit the message of reality.  Cry tears with those eyes as it is the only purpose they serve now that is connected to Her being.
From a Speech from the Vagrant Voice

Insanity is that knowledge or behavior that the general public refuses to accept.  Genius is the ability to get the general public to accept your brand of insanity.
Hcratian Saying, Circa-Thos II

Reality is simply your imagination fooling your senses.
from the Book of the Dead, 2nd edition

I know that I am mocked as a pretender.  The voices in the streets say that I am insane wraith who claims commune with the goddesses, my actions garner disgust from the warriors, scorn from the priestesses and confusion in the people. I hear the questions: What is the purpose of this voice that pretends to speak for Aria?  Does it speak for Aria when she tells us to throw down our weapons?  Should we follow the words of this prophet?  Why does the Queen let it continue when a spell or spear could rid us of this voice defiling the goals of our elite?  But the question should be does your elite have the goals of Aria?  Do the ruling councils mock the goddesses and make a fool of you?  I will answer one of your questions so you will know my truth.  I speak not for Aria but to you.
From a street speech of the Vagrant Voice

May you and all that you love exist within the design of incompetent gods
Ancient Hcratian Curse

To see through a mask you must observe more than the mask...
Coda 45782, Guild of Magic

The Emperor has different ways of communicating his wishes and desires.  A smile can mean that you have pleased him or it could mean that he has ill intent to your person all in the curl of the lip. You must be aware of every aspect of the royal image from the expressions of his face to the idle movement of his fingers.  Pay attention to these details while you are at court.  Not being aware of the emperor's moods can destroy our family out of ignorance.  Remember that his father died an unusual death and some attribute it to the rhythmic drumming of his son's fingers as a signal to his assassin.  Some have even said that they have decoded the signals that he uses, but who knows for sure.
From the diary of Mal Kos, cousin of Dal Thos II

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